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Black SEA Factory . Presents - Drink the sea . Chapter ´ 1.0 Intro & 1.1 Australia

546 seconds | 1280 x 720 | weeman4k | 11/23/2021
Drink the sea arises thanks to a person, Adrián López “Spook”, Kms of calm bodyboarding behind his back, hundreds of images archived on his hard drive eager to see the light and the common purpose of trying to collect all those recordings in a small “movie”, will try to reflect what runs through the veins of the bodyboarders of our seas... and the contrast between what man does to the Ocean even with what the Oéano offers us...

This project tries not to be just a Bodyboard film, it has a much greater meaning, that of sharing, this film has been carried out thanks to the collaboration of many... and without all of them this would not have been possible...

Traveling means learning, not only to surf and improve, but also to grow as a person, to respect the environment even more and appreciate values that staying in your wellness circle you would never learn. Riders from much of the world are the ones who appear in this video enjoying the power of the ocean in remote parts of Australia, the cold and dreaded Ireland, the warm and quiet Canary Islands, the fickle but familiar Spanish North Coast...

Enjoy a bodyboard//RESPECT THE OCEAN

Edition: Diego Heres and Adrian Lopez “Spook”.

Filmed by: “Spook”, Rafa León, Diego Heres, Chamux, Marina.

1.0 - Enter
1.1 - Australia
1.2 - Tirito
1.3 - The peninsula
1.4 - Canary Islands
1.5 - Ireland
1.6 - Credits
+ Bonuses

Starring: David Morales, Guzman “Makako”, Ignacio “Tirito”, Rafa Leon, Alejandro Rodriguez, Jorge Murciego “Mur”, Oscar Garcia, Kike Sanjurjo, Pablo Juan Sanchez, Isaias Perez, Eli Beach, Sergio “Campa”, Ivan Pulic, James Kates, Pachin Menendez, Dan Skajarowski, Martin “Lerenda””, Daraa, Moises Padin... and many more!!!!

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Instagram: @blackseafactory

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